Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Photo, pp, PS,..

I've been browsing through many dozen of my Flick contacts today, checking their new stuff, getting some thoughts down.. it's just amazing how talented some people are. It's scary really when you thing about it. How can someone make a really amazing art photo from a simple coffee mug, tennis shue, paper clip, leaf or something like that. We all know that creating a truly amazing image for commercial use is no longer limited to just the photographic talent. More and more post process and Photoshop skills come up front. But that always make me wonder, is this a photo? Can we even call it a photo with all this post process done on it? Some don't even stop there, it's a full blown montage, combining 2-10 images into one image. I personally don't have a problem with that, but I think "photo" is the wrong term for this.. creation, don't you? Hmm.. what's next I wonder.
Just glad to see, there still are truly talented photographs out there, which don't need all this computer skills to leave their mark.
I'll post some images later, way too many to choose from.

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