Sunday, 25 November 2007


I guess I shoud explain some stuff, give you some background info about me and this blog..

Atm I'm 28. I had internet connection since I was in junior high, way back in 1992 or something. Back then there was only one "network" - Arnes (academic research network) around here. We used those 9600kbps modems, were happy at the download speeds around 1KBps and were amazed about the internet overall. Time passed, connections got faster and faster, in no time I became a beta tester for Siol (Slovenia On Line; biggest ISP) and it's dsl broadband lines. In six months or so, I became a commercial user of adsl. It's now about 7-8 years since I have broadband line.
I had my first webpage when I was about 14 years old. Been posting and chatting with people around the world, when most folks didn't even know what the internet is. Saw the birth of google and youtube. Been reading blogs when most people couldn't even pronounce the word. In a way, I consider myself an active internet user with quite a lot of millage. So this brings me to the point of this post (finally you could say).. my thoughts about blogs.
This is now my fourth blog. I started the first one about 4-5 years ago. I posted in there virtually daily for about a year. Then I stopped. Took a break, then started another blog. And so on and on till this one. Why I stopped, you might ask? Well, there are different reasons really. Before I start a blog, I get really hipped about it, spend few days designing it and so on. Then after it's done, I post for a few months, but soon I get borred of it. I don't like the design, I don't like the structure, I see half of the posts as useless, etc.. so I stop. Another reason is, that I always have mixed feelings about posting my "private" thoughts for the world to read. At a point I just think it's stupid to do it, so I stop. I've also had some strange experience when people knew me from my blog and acted like they know me in real life. That kinda bothered me, so I stopped again.
On the other hand, I often have things to "say", either about a great movie, music, art, or just some random thoughts and feelings, and nowhere to put it. I have my last two blogs archived on my server and I often find myself reading about thing that happened years ago. And it's fun, I must admit. So here I am, again, starting my fourth blog.. will try to keep it going a bit longer this time, don't know about the posting frequency, since it appears: the older I am, the busier I am. But anyhow.. The main purpose of this blog is for my own benefit, so can't always promise you coherent posts, but will try. Anyhow, welcome visitor, whoever you might be..

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