Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Lost in translation

One of my favorite movies is Lost in Translation. I've first seen it back in 2003, bought the DVD as soon as it got out and now seen it at least 50 times. I love movies that can make you think about life, yourself, values, your future and your past without all those special effects. It's almost fruitless to summarize the movie, each viewer has his or hers own thoughts and feelings about it.
Basic story follows two people Bob Harris (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson). Bob is a "semi-retired" actor, visiting Japan to do a whiskey commercial. Charlotte came to Japan with her husband, photographer. In a way, they're both lost, both have a fog over their life, one about his past, the other about her future. This makes for a strange connection between them and develops into friendship.
Overall the movie is amazing. Written and directer by Sofia Coppola, it is amazingly done, from great scenery, sounds, to great acting from both main actors. Some could call it a bit slow, but it's exactly that which I like. In real life friendship takes time to develop and that is excellently port raid in this movie. It's not an action movie people!
For relaxing times.. make it Lost in Translation time.
I have to give this one 10/10.

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