Monday, 10 December 2007


Nikon D300.. if you're into photography in any way, I'm sure you've heard/read about this cam (and it's older brother D3 as well probably). D300 finally became available to our market a week ago and I don't need to tell you, sellers are out of stock already. And they didn't import single digits either, I hear they were in triple digits (you have to understand one thing, Slovenia has around 2m population, so that's a lot).
Since I write for two magazines here in Slovenia, I got a change to preview and play with both cameras a few months ago. I'm also scheduled to get D300 for a full test this week, so consider this post as a preview.
I personally own D70s which I love. It's a great and light camera, fits my needs perfectly. I've been thinking to upgrade to D200 a year ago, but (and here's why I won't upgrade to D300 either) to get *any* improvement on the picture quality over D70s, I need to go full frame or FX as Nikon calls it. The ONLY advantage to get a 10 or 12Mpix sensor over the 6M in D70s in the crop capabilities. Overall image quality between D70s and D200 is practically identical. And I've been using D200 for months as well. Sometimes D70s produces even better images then D200, due to less pixels on same sensor size. Pixels are just a marketing trick people, get over it. There's a reason why D3 with FF/FX sensor has "only" 12Mpx and not more.. and thank you Nikon for that! No wonder high ISO is AMAZING!
I might get tempted to get a used D200 now, as you can imagine, there are loads on ebay and out local "flea markets".
Photokina is next year, I bet Nikon will come out with FX sensor in D300 body.
It's going to be a busy year 2008..
I'd get mine D300 here.

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