Thursday, 6 December 2007

Die Hard 4..

O MY GOD.. yes, that's how I'm starting this thread.. O MY GOD.. I'm an atheist, but respect all religions so this has no special or religion-related meaning.
What to say about this movie.. I don't really know, have I changed so much over the years, or does this movie really suck? I mean, I kinda liked (well, not really liked, but I haven't disliked either) the first three movies.. sure, they were action packed to the max, loads of guns and shooting all over the place, but this.. now.. part 4.. geez. It's like stumbling into Van Damme or Seagal movie. (warning: spoilers ahead) Sooooo many cliches & stupid special effect: from flying cars, jumping on and off F-35 fighter plane, driving helicopters and monster trucks, explosions all over the place.. to the classic 1 man, 1 gun against 10 guys with machine guns and guess who wins crap.. not to forget, computer hacking with fancy displays, typing 50 lines for one word input box.. or hacking into top security system (that would probably take hours if not days with a super computer) with a cell phone, and on and on.. I thought it would never end. Of course, there's also the classical criminal thing: "why do you talk so much instead of actually shooting him and getting rid of him, just so he can escape (again) and shoot YOU????". Following the rules of "How to make an action film " for dummies book, there's also a hot oriental chick (strangely no nudity this time), teen daughter which hates her dad but is happy that he saves her from the terorist after she gets kidnapped, a geeky hacker, heads of all US security agencies that don't know a thing,..................
Like said, I'd expect something like this (one man show) from Van Damme or Seagal movies, but not here. Bruce Willis at least knows how to act, those two don't! I guess Willis did a good job, with the script provided.. He did look the part even with a bit over the top wounds and things like that.
Anyhow, I still don't know if my taste in movies has changed and Die Hard 4 is no different then the first three parts, or did this movie really sucked? I guess I won't wait long for an answer. One of out TV stations usually has an action week in December, and Die Hard 1-3 is usually on the menu. Will compare then..

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