Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Lars and the real girl

Now this is an interesting one.. It's one of those movies you're either going to like or totally dislike.
Ryan Gosling plays a young man, who finds a strange way of dealing will his lonely less after his father died. He orders a real-size, anatomically correct sex doll, which he treats as a real life girl. Now all you pervs out there, don't get any ideas, this is a PG-13 movie! With support by his brother and his wife, the whole community, he gets over his problems and starts a normal life.
It's interesting to watch and imagine, what would happen if this was real? How would people really react? It's nice to imagine everyone would be supportive, but it's really unlikely. Would he be committed in a day or two?
Interesting movie, but it is pushing the boundaries of credibility a bit. Still, good performance by Ryan Gosling and worth the look in my opinion.

I'd say 8/10 for this one.
Remember.. Bianca's in town for a reason.

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