Tuesday, 25 March 2008


It started with a chair...
I actually got the soundtrack to this flick first and after deciding I like the sound, I watched the movie as well. And I liked it. It's not your regular teen comedy, but then again it is. What saves/helps this movie to raise it above the rest (beside the comedy and easy flow of the movie), is the lead actress Ellen Page, a 19 years old which has a great future ahead of her imho. I first saw her in Hard Candy, where she did an amazing job at only 16 and later discovered, she did 24 movie appearances already.
Well worth to watch.

Dad: Did you see that coming?
Mom: Yeah... but I was hoping she was expelled, or into hard drugs.
Dad: That was my first instict too. Or a DUI... anything but this!

Has to be 9/10 for this one.

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