Monday, 22 December 2008


This is one of many overdue post I was planning to put up a while ago, but you know how it goes, tempus fugit and all that.. There's never enough time. Anyhow, some folks bugged me about this one, so here it is.

What do you do when you have a few black straws?

Yes, you could have a drink, true.
What do you do when you have more then a "few"? Think in 100's, even thousands?

If you're a photo enthusiast, total Strobist, a bit of a technical person and a bit of a geek, you could make one of these:

What's that, I hear you ask? Here, from another side:

Got it now? No? You must be on the wrong blog ;)
Yes, it's a grid spot or simply grid for you speedlight.

Since we PHOTO GEEKS have loads of speedlights all different sizes of course, you might need a few. Size matters as well, in this case at least. Long for narrowed spot, short for wider.

So, there you go, homemade grid spots. I won't write about how to make them, ask uncle google or better yet, check It's quite easy to make them, the main thing you need is TIME! Some straws, paper, glue, tape and you're set.
I have 6 now, for my 4 speedlights and am planning to make 2 more. With the stock of straws I got, I might even open a production line ;)

Keep it tight ;)

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